Kaimū Shave Soap

Named after the black sand beach on the Big Island of Hawaii that was destroyed by a lava flow from Kilauea volcano in 1990, this black shaving soap looks like the lava in the tin, but lathers up white. Kaimū means “Gathering at the sea” in Hawaiian, and was a popular beach famous for its black sand and abundant coconut trees. Our vegan black soap is also rich with coconut oil, and activated charcoal made from coconut husks.

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Koa Shave Brushes

Hawaiian Shaving Company handmade Koa Shave Brush. Each brush is shaped by hand from a single piece of Hawaiian Koa, named
and individually numbered. The wood is hand-sanded with Kukui Nut Oil in the ancient tradition for shaping and waterproofing canoe hulls and surfboards. Finally, the brush handle is sealed with cyanoacrylate, wet sanded, and polished to a high gloss for lifelong protection and beauty. These brushes are equally at home in your shave den for daily use, or displayed as a piece of handcrafted Hawaiian art.

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Why Hawaiian Shaving Company?

We wanted to make natural wet shaving products using ingredients that have been used by Hawaiians for centuries.  No sulfates, perfumes, or parabens. Just natural ingredients scented with essential oils.


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