Lather Up With Aloha is more than a trademark. Aloha is a fundamental Hawaiian value and is expressed in many ways. Aloha is an essence of being: love, peace, compassion, and mutual respect. Aloha is living in harmony with the world around you with grace, mercy, sympathy, and kindness.

Blooming Your Shave Soap

  1. Place soap puck in shaving mug, bowl, or scuttle.
  2. Cover soap with hot water and soak for a minute or more.
  3. Fill sink basin with warm water.
  4. Drain soapy water into sink basin and prewash face with the diluted soapy water.
  5. Load shave brush with softened soap.
  6. Lather Up With Aloha

What People Are Saying


"It does have a very nice post shave feel. You can feel the quality of those ingredients, how well balanced it is. I would absolutely recommend it."

- The Majestic Shaver via YouTube


"Performance was top notch; super easy to get insane lather, and​ great cushion and slickness."

- @gentlemens.gear via Instagram


"Overall impression of the soap was that it was a well made soap with quality ingredients that made my face feel smooth and relaxed afterwards."

- gvw755 on badgerandblade.com​

"Very slick right away and lathers quickly. The post shave is just as perfect. It gives a light clean and fresh feeling and my skin feels noticeably smoother and improved. I highly, highly recommend this soap to those who haven't tried it yet."

- @nate.wetshaves via Instagram


"Hawaiian Shaving Company has a nice thick lather that feels good on your skin."

- TheBaldNation via Twitter


"The coconut, kukui nut, and essential oils really leave your face feeling good after the shave."

- Imi review at BullGoose Shaving Supplies


"Love this soap."

- @vix_ale via Instagram